Saue Municipality is standing at the threshold of extensive and important developments

The Topi traffic junction, the new general planning and Gate Tallinn – those are the events that will take Saue Municipality to a new development stage and attract both employers and new inhabitants.

Saue Municipality is the largest municipality in continental Estonia with nearly 23,000 inhabitants. The average gross income of employees has increased from 1316 euros to 1587 euros in the last 4 months. The higher living standard is related to both the close proximity of Tallinn and the fact that more and more new buildings are completed in Saue Municipality – people build for themselves and also new developments are completed, which means that people with a better financial level move into the municipality area.

People who work remotely in a home office are more and more willing to buy homes further off from the border of the city. If a few years ago people were ready to move an up to 30 km ride from the city, today it has already increased to one hour.

Saue Municipality also has a good train connection – the average time it takes people to walk to a train station is five minutes (mostly in towns near Tallinn), which also ensures very good movement opportunities.

Demand for new living premises is high

Saue Municipality definitely lacks new modern apartment buildings and houses. In discussions with company managers operating in the municipality a general concern can be detected that young people do not want to buy apartments in panel buildings and therefore move to the city. They would, however, move back if there would be more of modern real estate. The goal of ever municipality is to attract wealthier people to the municipality and among other methods that can be done with the help of new developments.

By now, Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo has sold two apartment buildings in Saue Town, Kuuseheki development, and the third one is already underway. From the discussions with the agents it can be understood that also that one will be sold off already in the first months, as the interest is great and a long list of potential customers is already there.

Gate Tallinn brings rapid development

New people are attracted by the constant development of the municipality boosted by Topi traffic junction and Gate Tallinn.

Planning of Topi traffic junction was started already in 2005, and in 2012 even the first construction procurement was started but then all was suspended because the project was too grand and the building would have been too expensive. All that changed when the first reputable company Makita, a Japanese tool producer and the largest seller of power tools in the Baltic countries, bought a property in Gate Tallinn business park, with a plan to build an up to 25,000 m2 central warehouse, maintenance and training centre in the business park. The investment of Makita into Gate Tallinn will be a magnet giving a boost to the whole area.

The traffic junction will create a direct connection between Topi crossroads and Kuuseheki street in Saue Town and it is also an access road to the approximately 620,000 m2 Gate Tallinn development area.

Saue Municipality participated in the planning of Saue–Topi connection road, acquisition of the land under the road and will finance the construction of lighting for the cycle and pedestrian track. By agreement, nearly half of the road construction is financed by Gate Tallinn.

The road will be completed in 2021, connecting Saue Town and the small town of Laagri.

Saue and Laagri will grow close

Saue centre is also developing. A new building for Rimi was completed at Keskus 11. Next to it, the first modern business building is being built in Saue, with commercial premises on the ground floor and offices higher up. In Tule street, property of Saue EPT, a new business building will be created for Prisma.

Large developments are planned for Laagri in the next ten years. The former buildings and properties of Sagro have new owners and it is planned to create the centre of Laagri there. A new municipality centre will be built at Vae street. An increasing part of agricultural land is being turned into new residential areas.

A new comprehensive plan for Saue Municipality will be adopted next year, which connects Saue and Laagri, meaning that the whole area between the two towns will be a densely populated area.


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