How to be a leader in the commercial real estate market?

For decades, Uus Maa has carried the role of a leading direction giver and pioneer in the real estate market of Estonia, focusing on the development and provision of high­quality service and the wishes and trust of our clients. We are proud to have been able to adhere to our principles and high standards through­ out the years, which is confirmed by our strong results and the satisfaction of our clients.

As the leader of our commercial real estate sector I am happy to admit that both our team and the reach and depth of our services have increased in time. We have carefully selected the best experts, from the real estate agents and appraisers to the lawyers and advisors. In order to achieve all our goals, we apply all our collective competence, our marketing team who is dedicated to real estate and our real estate agents all over Estonia.

I am also convinced that an unrivalled strength of our services is the capacity to offer well planned full in-house service and thus ensure convenient and smooth cooperation. And now let’s dig a little deeper.



Our real estate agents specialised in commercial premises quickly and efficiently connect all the providers and clients, whether it is an office, warehouse, development, shop area or another object where the focus is on business. Our network of real estate agents covering the whole Estonia has an extensive client base and the most up-to-date insights about the market.

First of all we present your object and goals to our team and create an action plan based on that. Then we process the existing offers, introduce the object to potential clients, share it in our channels and inform all the real estate agents. We involve both our offices, international partners and other agencies to expand the network.


If you wish to buy, sell or lease commercial premises, we offer you price consultations and appraisals. Our certified appraisers have current market analyses, estimations and extensive information about any type of objects. That is why we are able to determine the best price for your property. Our expert appraisals are accepted by all the banks, and if you conclude an agency agreement with us, consultation for setting a price is free.

In addition to appraisal, we can give you advice on the income or lease amount, rate of return for an object, estimated time to transaction, occupancy of an object based on the price, location, size and age, as well as visible and hidden expenses.

For appraisal, we inspect the object, discuss the results in an appraisal council and prepare an expert appraisal. If you wish, we can also issue an expert opinion or a short assessment.



Our consultants have long-term experience and help you with larger and smaller-scale investment projects, from strategic planning of an idea to a result that is as profitable as possible. It may be a commercial property producing cash flow or successfully sold land or buildings. We always rely on your individual wishes, and the first consultation is free.

At the beginning of cooperation we develop solutions that suit you best and have the highest income potential. In each stage we engage our best specialists, thus ensuring reliable estimations for profitable investment. If you wish, we will also help you find additional financing opportunities and give post-transaction advice.



Decades of practice, comprehensive market information and collective competence give us a strong position to advise you in everything related to the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate and any related activities. Based on your requirements and goals, we work with banks to help you find suitable solutions for different financing possibilities.

We will also help you if you need an analysis for the most profitable use of real estate, cash flow planning, market analysis, development consultation, mapping of objects or the market, project management, business concept analysis, purchase or sales agency agreements, tenant background analysis, post-transaction consultation or support for finding and including partners.



Our experienced specialists represent tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers. In order to find you a suitable object or client, we help you through the whole process conveniently, quickly and with legal accuracy, relying on our experience, up-to-date market information and our extensive database. We also give you advice during negotiations regarding the terms of an existing agreement.

First, we map out your wishes and goals, then collect the market information you are interested in, as well as the best offers. When we have found the best possible solutions, we start negotiations to conclude an agreement, in order to achieve the desired goal on the best terms and ensure a legally sound and secure transaction. We also organise any activities necessary for closing a transaction.


As a strategic partner, we organise the consistent and responsible maintenance of your property, managing the activities related to the use thereof. We manage lease relationships, measure client satisfaction, prepare budgets, organise building and renovation works, do the accounting of expenses and incomes and make sure that the potential of your property would be reached to the maximum extent and in a sustainable manner.

Having combined the most important components of real estate maintenance and property management, we can offer you significant added value in comparison to standard administrative services. Our aim is always to offer you both the best price and quality, therefore we regularly organise procurements in order to choose the best service providers.



Our marketing team dedicated to commercial real estate helps to increase the attractiveness and visibility of your object. Relying on your goals, we develop marketing strategies to reach a wider audience quicker and with lower expenses, in order to effectively achieve the desired results. We design advertisements for every channel, write advertising texts and produce printed material and videos if so required.

All the marketed objects are represented in the largest portals, printed issues and highly visible outdoor media. If you require support with new developments, we are ready to support you starting from the brand concept and CVI to the creation of your web page and advertisements, so that your new development would be both visually and substantially unique, impressive and visible in the current extremely competitive market.



Our year has started at quick pace and with excitement, as many interesting projects are ahead. We have also taken on a goal to give a new and fresh spirit to the whole commercial real estate sector. Even though the current market situation challenges many companies, we take steps with confidence, as we see opportunities also in difficult situations.

Therefore, I encourage you to contact us at any time, about office or shop premises, warehouse or production premises, new development or commercial land – our full service covers all the sectors and our best specialists and collective competence is at your service.

Kristjan Ploompuu

Executive Manager



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