The largest commercial real estate transactions in 2019

Regardless of increased construction volumes, the market of real estate investments has shrunk in the past years.

The top year was 2015 with 600 million euros of real estate investments. The total volume of year 2016 was 420 million euros, in 2017 it was 325 million euros, in 2018 250 million euros and in 2019 about 175 million euros (slightly over 200 million euros including development plots).

The key word for year 2019 was lack of large investments, for example in Harju County there were only three transactions with the price of at least 10 million euros. However, it cannot be said that there are few objects intended for investment, the problem was rather in the gap in the expectations to purchase and sales prices. The investment market was also negatively impacted by the money laundry scandal in the banking sector, which left a mark both for local and foreign investors.

The largest commercial real estate transactions in 2019

Like in last years, the most active transaction range was up to 5-million-euro transactions, the number of which was 90% of the transactions. The largest transaction of the year was the sale of the production building of Harmet to the French real estate fund Corum. The price of the transaction was 28.9 million euros. Also the head office of Skype in Mustamäe and Valge Maja office building at Tartu road exchanged owners for at least 10 million euros (in both cases the buyers were the pension funds of LHV), and the warehouse building of DPD and the logistics centre of Onninen in Lehmja village that were sold in one transaction.

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